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IdealSpot helps you find and evaluate locations with customer demand data, best-in-class demographics, hourly vehicle counts, and competitive mapping and analysis.

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Demographics are important but only tell you one side of the story. Mapping consumer demand by analyzing social media and online search trends provides you with real-time interest and purchase intent for your product and services.

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Brokers & Landlords

IdealSpot combines real-time supply and demand to discover hidden opportunities. Build a comprehensive view of the retail landscape with IdealSpot’s Market Balance, Market Gap, and Market Void products. Easily add notes, upload files, and share your maps with partners or clients from within the platform.

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Remove Uncertainty

Historically, retailers and restaurant owners only had access to stale demographics, aggregate vehicle traffic counts and transaction data from existing stores. With IdealSpot, you now have access to geo-located customer demand that identifies opportunities for your product or service based on signaled interest and purchase intent. IdealSpot seamlessly blends traditional methodology with powerful new data to provide accurate insights into commercial real estate site selection.

Search engines and social networks capture the movements, actions, and expressions of interest made by people every day. The phones, computers, cars, watches, and other connected devices that are an integral part of daily life, collect this data for future analysis. These unfathomable mountains of data are then studied to understand consumer behavior. IdealSpot collects, analyzes, and transforms this data into powerful tools you can use to find the perfect location for your brick and mortar business.



Historically retailers and restaurateurs have been limited to demographics and vehicle traffic. IdealSpot removes uncertainty by aggregating consumer signaled interests and real purchase intent. This data completes the puzzle:



People are defined by their interests and preferences. When you walk into an Indian restaurant, the only thing you know about everyone inside is that they have chosen to eat that particular type of food, at that particular restaurant. This shared characteristic, the desire to enjoy a specific meal with family and friends, is signaled through search engines and broadcasted over social media millions of times every day.

IdealSpot collects, categorizes, and maps these customer interests and preferences by listening to Search Intent and Social Interest signals for over 500 distinct business categories. For example, when someone coordinates a golf game with friends on Facebook, or searches Google Maps for the nearest golf range—both of these actions categorize someone as having an affinity for golf, regardless of their demographic profile.

By combining the basics (demographics, traffic, competition) with market demand data (Search Intent and Social Interest), IdealSpot has built the most robust site selection platform available, so you can identify great locations and reach underserved customers.

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